Scott Willis
Scott Willis6 hours ago
It appears humanity has awoken a sleeping giant methane deposit, triggering significant methane release well into the future. The window of opportunity to develop solutions is closing fast. We need to decarbonise through regenerative and organic agriculture, massive investment in public transport and rapid build of renewable electricity generation while improving energy efficiency through all activity. At the same time we need to invest in adaptation like climate safe homes, decentralised energy, and local food systems. We need to trigger a social tipping point to achieve #ClimateJustice.
Scott Willis
Scott Willis1 day ago
"Our local campaign was one small proof-of-concept microcosm of work that Indigenous organisers, climate activists, and justice advocates have been doing for decades. It’s based on a radical notion in increasingly individualised societies: grassroots organising, human connection and conversation changes our world." - Chlöe Swarbrick
Scott Willis
Scott Willis2 days ago
Time to get to work on climate solutions. We're in this together.
Scott Willis
Scott Willis4 days ago
The election is over, and it is time to consider what a Government wanting to walk the talk on climate action might do.

"There’s no handbrake held by New Zealand First this time, so the only slowdown will be Labour itself, which will, you’d expect, be lobbied hard by vested interests. It’s fair, though, for the public to expect Labour to believe its own rhetoric on climate change."

As Greenpeace's Russel Norman says, “So, if you really do believe in transformative government, and Jacinda Ardern is on the record as saying that, if you really do believe that climate change is our nuclear-free moment, then you no longer have any excuses not to do something about it.”
Scott Willis
Scott Willis1 week ago
The long campaign is over and I admit to feeling some relief not to be thrust into induction like our newest MPs! But oh so happy that we not only increased our vote to elect 3 new talented MPs for a stronger Green team, but also that Chlöe Swarbrick and team won the Auckland Central seat!

We have so much to celebrate! None of our success would have been possible without the amazing people power from Green Party members, friends and volunteers. Without Jenna at my side, I couldn't have managed this campaign. She has always been there through the stress, the highs and lows and relentless schedule of activities or work.

I am so grateful to the #Taieri campaign team (Hugh, Donna, Alex, Ross, Pat, Martin, Will, Phillip, Marion and Colin) who made our hub on Cargill's Corner a welcome drop in centre, who delivered leaflets, supported candidate meetings, organised events, prepared films and media, provided sustenance, and helped raise the biggest budget we've ever had for the Dunedin/Taieri election campaign!

Oli Aylen who worked magic at Petridish and all the amazing volunteers who turned up each week to do calling and door-knocking, provide soup and bread, chocolate and treats... I had such fun going out with you all. Behind the scenes, the Dunedin/Taieri campaign steering group, Tony Culling, Brian Dixon and of course the Dunedin Branch, who trusted me with this chance to speak for the Green Party this election, to communicate our policy and our Kaupapa and to be part of the Green wave to deliver climate justice.

We had such generous support from Pea Sea Art and Woof for our Green Art Auction and the Quiz nights, and of course all the wonderful artists and prize donors who contributed to the quiz nights and auction.

The national team did exceptionally well under such challenging conditions and always kept us updated and prepared. There is no doubt that the Green Party led so many of the important discussions during the campaign - we got Labour talking about climate, inequality and environment, we released comprehensive plans to ensure Govt. investment addresses the changing risk profile and the uncertainties associated with our changing climate.

In the new #Taieri electorate we achieved a higher party vote than numerous more urban seats around the country and currently more vote than some of the less urban seats where Greens do OK like Coromandel. That points to a growth in the rural vote as #Taieri lost the Otago Peninsula to the new #Dunedin electorate but picked up some big areas of rural turf.

In 2017 the final green vote in Dunedin Nth/Dunedin Sth was 7462.
In 2020 the election night green vote in Dunedin/Taieri was 9034!

Its been somewhat overwhelming to receive so many messages of support and so much aroha on the campaign trail. I've made so many new friends and am newly energised. Political representation has been the goal of the campaign but we're also building a movement to nourish our community and build climate justice. Let's keep the momentum going and build an even bigger, stronger, inclusive Green Party!
Scott Willis
Scott Willis1 week ago
What a result! So much to digest from last night, and so many things to celebrate from Chlöe's amazing campaign success, the Greens back in parliament with a stronger team, with at least three amazing new Green MP’s Teanau, Elizabeth and Ricardo...

I’ve been really proud to represent the Green Party for the #Taieri Electorate these last few months as emissary carrying the urgency of climate action to our community.

Together we’ve done so much more than just run a campaign over the past few months.

Political power is a goal of any campaign. But the campaign also gives us a platform to build a movement. We’ve been working to create a social tipping point for urgent climate action. We need to continue to build community, and what we’ve done these past months doesn’t end just because the election is over. Now negotiations to form a Government begin, and we must ensure we hold Labour to account to ensure climate justice.