Getting to a zero carbon energy system

We know how to create a zero carbon electricity system. We just need to do it! Party Vote Green to ensure a cleaner, zero carbon future.

Worker inspects turbine footings with another wind turbine on the horizon providing zero carbon electricity
Building a zero carbon electricity system boosts jobs in the construction and electricity sectors.

Climate change is a grave threat facing all of humanity. As I said in my earlier post on democratising our energy system, past governments have failed to deal with this crisis. We know how to rapidly achieve zero carbon in our electricity system, we just need to get on and do it.

There’s not one single solution, there’s no one silver bullet. But we have all the solutions we need right at our fingertips. A key part of it is hidden in our hot water cupboards. Combining our hot water cylinders with new smart grid technology allows us to keep electricity demand under control. As a result we can eliminate dirty, carbon emitting electricity plants.

Another key is using Local Government to enable cleaner solar and especially wind power. Because in many areas, local councils have ambitious zero carbon road-maps, and Dunedin is a prime example of this. We urgently need to implement the measures I outlined in my earlier post to unshackle community wind power. This will enable the green revolution we need.

Groups like School Strikes for Climate show there is a groundswell of support for tackling climate change. The need is huge, and I’ve been working on the solutions. I’m asking you to give your party vote to the Greens to get these low carbon solutions over the line.